State-of-the-Art Indoor Shooting Range Coming to Pittsburgh – Opening late November 2017

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Phone: Ty Eggemeyer 412.708.1990 or Jennifer Muldoon 401.578.0869
Image 1: Keystone Shooting Center LOGO;
Image 2: Keystone Shooting Center, Mars, Pennsylvania – Opening Late November, 2017;
Image 3: Architectural rendering of the new Keystone Shooting Center, Mars, Pennsylvania. [Click images for larger view]
– Opening late November 2017
Memberships Now Open, Now Hiring For Most Positions

MARS, PA ( — Pittsburgh has been asking and the wait is finally over. Opening in late November 2017, the brand new Keystone Shooting Center will bring the Pittsburgh nation a premier, environmentally friendly indoor shooting range. The facility will feature an extensive selection of firearms, a state-of-the-art shooting range as well as professionally led training classes for everyone from beginners to shooting enthusiasts. Memberships are now open and the company is hiring for multiple positions.

“Shooting sports is one of the fastest growing recreational activities and an enjoyable experience with friends or coworkers. In an ever increasing complex world, the need to have access to an advanced training and practicing facility has also become imperative,” said Ty Eggemeyer, President of the Keystone Shooting Center. He continued, “Our team has toured the country’s top indoor shooting ranges in an effort to learn and refine important concepts that the shooting community desires in a range … bringing the best of the best in a world-class indoor shooting facility to Pittsburgh.”


The innovative, 21,300 square foot customer-centric facility will feature …
  • 24 Climate-Controlled Indoor Shooting Lanes with HVAC System
    • Temperature controlled laminar airflow for comfort and cleanliness
    • HEPA “clean room” filtration system to ensure a perfectly clean shooting environment
    • Ranges equipped for both pistol and rifle firing and up to 50 caliber weapons
  • One-of-a-Kind Extensive Firearms Store
    • Over 500 different models of new firearms with a wide assortment of shooting sports accessories
    • No hassle purchasing of used firearms even without a gun purchase
  • Professional Class Instruction and Tactical Training
    • All levels welcome … from “no experience beginners” and Ladies Only classes to avid shooters
    • Personal one-on-one training
    • Tactical training for advanced shooters and law enforcement professionals
  • Over 200 Simulation Training and Games
    • Real firearms with actual recoil used for simulations
    • Tactical training including quick reaction real life scenarios
    • Fun games for all ages – shoot zombies or outlaws in the Old West
  • Exclusive Premium Member Lounge and Special Event Spaces
    • Hold Corporate or Client events, Team-Building, Birthday Parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Unique Assortment of Standard & Premium Firearm rentals
    • Perfect for people learning to shoot, walk-ins or gun aficionados
  • Online Reservation System
    • Book ahead and avoid wait time hassle
Keystone Shooting Center will offer four levels of Membership: Freedom (for active duty Military & Law Enforcement), Standard Membership, Keystone Premier Membership, & Corporate Membership. For membership details or to purchase, please visit the at
Interested applicants may visit the website or send resumes directly to 
Owned and operated by Ty Eggemeyer and the Carlson family (owners of Keystone Armory in Edinboro, PA) … Keystone Shooting Center is proudly veteran owned and operated by Pennsylvania residents with decades of both business experience and retail firearms expertise. We strive to provide customers with the cleanest, safest and most professional shooting environment. For more information, please visit our website at or our partner site

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