PR: Introducing FORMA Naturalis, A New 3D Tattoo Service Now Available to Breast Reconstruction Patients

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A passionate, professional, powerhouse team is poised and ready to help women
feel whole again as they complete the last chapter of their breast reconstruction journey.

PITTSBURGH, PA ( — This week, Dr. James O’Toole, a double board certified, nationally recognized plastic surgeon and founder of O’Toole Plastic Surgery, announced that he and Mrs. Cheri Croney have joined forces in a new venture called FORMA Naturalis, a service that will provide 3D nipple and areola tattoos to those who have endured breast reconstruction surgery as a result of mastectomy. Mrs. Croney is the wife of the late Kevin Croney, a nationally renowned, award winning tattoo artist who was tragically killed in March 2015. Prior to his death, Mr. Croney and Dr. O’Toole were in the early stages of establishing a partnership when he died. Their goal was to combine their passion for helping breast cancer patients by utilizing artistry techniques to restore women’s bodies back to what they looked like before cancer, through the addition of 3D nipple and areola tattoos.

“My husband’s passion has given me a purpose,” says Mrs. Croney. “Although he is not here to see this venture become reality, I am determined to keep it going. The women that we help through FORMA Naturalis have the potential to get back something that they have lost through a devastating disease. Our goal with this initiative is to continue on with my husband’s intent; to help these women feel alive again. Feel whole again.”

Luke Romaniw, a professionally trained tattoo artist with expertise in custom ink color blending and shading, will apply the tattoo(s). Dr. O’Toole will join in the initial consultation with both Luke and the patient to determine the appropriate shape, size and placement for the tattoo(s). Mrs. Croney will work closely with each patient as well, providing emotional support as they complete this last step on their road to recovery.

“FORMA Naturalis, in Latin, translates to ‘the natural form’, says Dr. O’Toole. “Recreating a part of the body that looks similar to the original, in as natural a way as possible, is our goal. As a plastic surgeon, I am not only focused on restoring a look that is customized for each individual patient, I am also extremely dedicated to ensuring our patients feel comfortable throughout the entire process. This is especially true when working with breast cancer patients. They have endured quite a lot before we see them in our office. When we’re finished, I want them to feel beautiful inside and out. Similar to my surgical practice, with FORMA Naturalis, our intention is to always provide compassionate care that our patients won’t find anywhere else.”

Although FORMA Naturalis will operate inside O’Toole Plastic Surgery’s office, at 5830 Ellsworth Avenue,
Suite 300 Pittsburgh, PA 15232, it is a separate entity, accessible to all breast cancer patients, not only those who have been previously operated on by Dr. O’Toole.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call 412-345-1615.

About O’Toole Plastic Surgery and Dr. James O’Toole
Located in the heart of Shadyside in Pittsburgh, PA, O’Toole Plastic Surgery (OPS) is a private medical
practice led by double Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. James O’Toole. With a completely personalized,
supportive, compassionate, aesthetic-minded, patient-centered approach, OPS provides a wide range of
progressive surgical and non-surgical procedures to both cancer patients and those looking for elective cosmetic surgery and treatments.

Among many accolades, Dr. O’Toole is most well-known for being the first plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh to
marry the aesthetic-centered incision patterns of cosmetic surgery with the oncological surgical approach, which focuses solely on removing the cancer. He believes it’s not just about removing the cancer to preserve the patient’s life, it’s about making the patient feel better about how they’ll look and feel after the procedure is complete. That dual approach helps his patients heal faster emotionally and physically. By partnering with Mrs. Cheri Croney, FORMA Naturalis is another way he can help cancer patients through their reconstruction journey.

For more information, visit or call 412-345-1615.


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