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We service the Allegheny County and Surrounding areas. Pittsburgh Newswire is a web-based press release delivery and distribution service that serves both the needs of companies and organizations like yours, looking to get their press release read, and journalists looking for an efficient, easy to use system for receiving and reviewing the latest events, announcements, and reports. Press releases are sent via daily individualized TEXT e-mails to reporters, editors, and news producers who can quickly evaluate the content of the release by viewing the subject line.

About Pittsburgh Local Media

Pittsburgh is home to the first commercial radio station in the United States – (KDKA 1020AM), the first non-commercial television station, the first “networked” television station, and “mid-western” newspaper. It is one of the few mid-sized metropolitan areas in the U.S. with two major daily papers; both the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review have long histories of Pulitzer Prizes and breaking in-depth investigative news stories on a national scale. The alternative papers in the region include the Pittsburgh City Paper, the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle, The New People, published weekly by the Thomas Merton Center, and the Pittsburgh Courier, one of the larger ethnic publications in the region. The Pitt News, a financially independent student-written and managed newspaper of the University of Pittsburgh, is closing in on its 100th year of publication.

Pittsburgh Newswire