PR: Community Opposes Range Resources Water Tanks

Media Contact:

Judy Wojanis
896 Clinton Frankfort Road
Clinton, PA 15026


HANOVER TOWNSHIP, PA ( — Hanover Township, Washington County, notified residents on March 23 that Range Resources Appalachia, LLC is seeking to install six fresh-water tanks at its Mazur well site located on Clinton Frankfort Road.  The tanks would supply water for drilling sites within a 5 mile radius of the site, requiring 10-ton water trucks to travel continuously from Route 18 and onto Clinton Frankfort Road.  There are currently five wells within the defined radius, and it is estimated that trucks would travel the route every 3 minutes, 24-hours a day and 7 days a week as long as the wells are active.

Residents oppose installation of the water tanks and are petitioning the Township to not approve Range Resource’s plan. According to their petition, their quiet country road will become a high-traffic thru-way, affecting property values, peace of mind, and safety. They foresee noise pollution, degraded road surfaces, and disturbance of wild life habitats.  Residents that haven’t yet joined in opposition to the water tanks are encouraged to contact Hanover Township or their local/state representatives.


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